Procurement Policy

Thai Meiji Pharmaceutical follows the common guidelines for procurement by organization in the Meiji Group system. The objective of our procurement activities is to provide our customers with quality that meets the standards, safe, and secure products with the reasonable price. We commit to fair and transparent transactions and maintain compliance with all laws and regulations, working in cooperation with our partners to ensure that all procurement activities fulfill our social responsibilities, including those related to human rights and the environment, while addressing:

Legal and Ethical Compliance

We comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region in which we operate and engage in fair, transparent, and proper procurement activities. We fulfill the terms of our contracts with partners in good faith and appropriately manage all confidential and personal information related to procurement transactions.

Product Quality and Safety

In our procurement activities, we place the highest priority on quality and safety in order to bring peace of mind to everyone who selects our products.

Fair and Transparent Selection of Suppliers

We commit to select suppliers in a fair and transparent manner. We evaluate potential suppliers based on product quality and safety, as well as price, delivery time, and their track record in providing stable supplies.

Protection of Human Rights and the Environment

In line with the Meiji Group Policy on Human Rights and the Meiji Group Environmental Policy, we integrate human rights and global environmental considerations in developing and executing procurement activities.

Mutual Trust and Collaboration with Suppliers

We work to build cooperative, trusting relationships with suppliers, thereby striving to reduce procurement-related risks, and we pursue initiatives to be of benefit to the broader society.


In line with the Meiji Group Anti-Corruption Policy, we prohibit the offering or receiving inappropriate benefits (money, gifts, entertainment, or other property benefits) exceeding a scope deemed proper according to social convention, striving to prevent corrupt practices.


Relevant business units must involve Legal Services as soon as possible in the procurement process so as to help identify and mitigate any risks, as well as increase efficiency for contract review and negotiation. This Policy shall be referred to in contract review and negotiation. All contracts, including amendments, purchase orders and other contractual documentation should be properly kept by the relevant business unit, in accordance with Meiji Group practices on archiving and record-keeping. Any relevant feedback regarding performance, including possible breaches or failures to perform, should be timely notified to the relevant line manager and/or Legal Services, as appropriate. Any questions regarding the Procurement Policy and Procedures can be sent direct to Procurement Division
For acknowledgement and strictly practice.